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Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Did you know our government pays you to own a home?
Using our Rent vs. Buy calculator you can quickly see how you can benefit from home ownership. The tax benefits allow you to increase your take home pay so you could even afford a nicer property.

Take a moment to work some numbers, then give us a call. We can help you get the home of your dreams much faster than you think with our programs designed to work with your budget such as our Rent-to-Own or American Dream Home Ownership programs.

Don't worry about your credit because we can work with just about any situation. Give us a call to learn more or register for our buyers' list.

Enter your information in the pink shaded cells. The results for your savings or (cost) of home ownership are shown in the yellow shaded cells below.

Annual Savings/(Cost) of Owning vs. Renting (Renting Cost less Owning Cost):
Rate of Return on Investments:    %
Marginal Income Tax Rate (your combined Federal and State tax rate):    %
Estimated Annual Appreciation of Home:    %
Down Payment on Home (funds available for down-payment):  
Estimated Closing Costs:  
Estimated Purchase Price of Home:  
Monthly Rent Currently Paying:  
Cost of Renting
Annual Rent (Monthly Rent X 12):
Renter's Annual Insurance Premium (if any):  
Total Annual Cost of Renting
Cost of Buying
Mortgage Loan Amount:
Annual Interest Rate:    %
Term of Mortgage (in years):    
Monthly Mortgage Payment:
Annual Mortgage Payment:
Annual Property Taxes:  
Annual Homeowner's Insurance Premium:  
Estimated Annual Maintenance Cost:  
Cost of Using Savings (Down Payment + Closing Cost X Investment Rate):
Total Cost of Buying
Less Adjustments
First Year Principal Reduction in Mortgage (increases annually):
Income Tax Savings of Interest Deductions Based on Marginal Tax Rate:
Income Tax Savings of Property Tax Costs:
Total Adjustments:
Annual after-tax Cost of Homeownership (Cost of Buying Less Total Adjustments):
Your Profit
Estimated First Year Appreciation in Home Value:
Net Annual Cost of Homeownership (After Tax Cost less Appreciation):
Annual Savings/(Cost) of Owning vs. Renting (Renting Cost less Owning Cost):

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